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Welcome to Air-Child VA!
Based in Cologne, Germany, Air-Child is a virtual airline for flight simulator pilots from all over the world. By joining us you will not only find a great community of flight simulation enthusiasts who share the same passion, you will also help children of the world to have a better life.
With every flight you report to Air-Child VA, UNICEF will receive money from our sponsoring partners through the Air-Child Charity Program.
Air-Child VA is a non-profit organization run by flightsimmers for flightsimmers.

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Tuesday Jun 21, 20:05

Be part of the experience and let Zurich come to life for a whole day Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 04:00 to 21:30

Have you ever…
… dreamed of ATC all day long?
… wished to have controllers guiding you on early morning approaches while the sun is rising?
… wanted to fly a four leg rotation with guaranteed service on your departure and arrival?
… hoped to get a whole day of ATC as real as it gets?

We make it happen! Zurich Airport will be open on June 25th during the real operating hours!
Be the first one to touch down as IFR-traffic on runway 34 at 0600 local time. If you are early, expect to join the holding with the other early morning inbounds until we are allowed to let you approach the airport. A picture seen at Zurich every morning …
As VFR traffic, explore the beautiful mountaineous Swiss landscape just minutes south of Zurich. Fly to Samedan for a delicious nut cake at the highest airliner airport in Europe and enjoy the breathtaking view of the alps. When returning, be prepared to get close to the big birds! Zurich still handles both, VFR and IFR traffic, unlike other European majors.
Zurich is a unique airport with a lot of operational restrictions due to noise abatement and its challenging layout. We know it by heart and love this airport with all its rough edges.
Be part of the experience and let Zurich come to life for a whole day on June 25th from 0400 to 2130z!


Saturday Mar 14, 12:00

Air-Child Mach 2

It is time to promote the legendary Concorde again. Air-Child has two Concorde in their fleet and Pilot Pierre Chassang (who worked on the real thing) created a flight bag CPS (Concorde Performance Systeme) which allows you to operate this aircraft with all needs. Try it, give yourself time to understand and to control this beauty.

Are you making good profit?
Give something back!

Air-Child's charity program fits all sizes. Be it a small or medium-sized company, big player at the stock market or a single person - with every dollar, euro, yen or pound you can help protect and feed children who are not as lucky as you. How does it work? Find out here.

Saturday Feb 1, 23:13

ACH-FSE: Build your own Air Child regional business empire around your base airport.

FS Economy adds some features to your flight experience on Air Child: a financial/economic system with Passenger Terminals and gates, Repair Shops, GA’s and airliners, building constructions and regional route networks at your favourite airports and regions.
You still report your PIREPS at Air Child, you can use online networks (VATSIM, IVAO, NetFlight, X-FlightServer, PilotEdge, etc.), and you use your own Client for Windows, MacOS X or Linux, with FS9, FSX, X-Plane 9 or X-Plane 10.
Get started with ACH-FSE

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