flying for children
Welcome to Air-Child VA!
Based in Cologne, Germany, Air-Child is a virtual airline for flight simulator pilots from all over the world. By joining us you will not only find a great community of flight simulation enthusiasts who share the same passion, you will also help children of the world to have a better life.
With every flight you report to Air-Child VA, UNICEF will receive money from our sponsoring partners through the Air-Child Charity Program.
Air-Child VA is a non-profit organization run by flightsimmers for flightsimmers.

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Monday Feb 20, 17:12

Berlin Tuesday

Be prepared for high traffic density and full Aprons. Berlin Tuesday, every Tuesday from 1800 till 2100z - Be part of it!


Thursday Nov 12, 16:12

UNICEF Broadcasts

To those interested in the work of UNICEF we'd like to point out their broadcast channels on YouTube, in case you didn't know them already. Videos on the international channel are in English language and updated almost daily.
For the German speaking public there's also the unicef TV, presented by different german Unicef ambassadors.

Are you making good profit?
Give something back!

Air-Child's charity program fits all sizes. Be it a small or medium-sized company, big player at the stock market or a single person - with every dollar, euro, yen or pound you can help protect and feed children who are not as lucky as you. How does it work? Find out here.

Our members for UNICEF
Andreas Heusner
Daniel Novotny
Marta & Rafal Zielinski
Jürgen Lauteren
Phil Le Bouteiller
David Kernow
Kristoffer Aspén
Lukas Saintclair
Joao P Bicho
Anne & Norbert Woeller
Frank & Claudia Kunath