The Dispatch Centre gives you almost everything you need to find, book and plan flights. Look for regular passenger or cargo flights in the flight search, selecting from a flight base of 3,190 scheduled flights, or create your personal charter flight to almost any destination out of roughly 10,000 airports worldwide. Display or print your personal flight plan, including weather reports, fuel calculation and weights.

Flight Search

Your daily business starts right here. Chose from 3,190 connections to and from hundreds of international airports. From small hops in a Dash-7 to short commuter flights with the ATR-72 to the medium range workhorses A320 or Boeing 737. Or take a 747, 777, MD-11 or A340 across oceans and continents. We also offer cargo flights with the 747 and MD-11 freighters or the versatile Lockheed L-100 which is also used for special operations in conflict areas where Unicef sends support. You can filter flights by departure or destination and by aircraft type. Or look for the weekly schedule of each aircraft by selecting its registration number. By clicking on a flight you will see all flight details. Once logged in, you can book that flight and head on to the briefing.

Charter Flights

Charter Flights can be flown from and to almost any airport with a solid runway. Long or short range? It's your choice. You choose the aircraft, route and destination. Enter your desired cruise level, load some passengers or cargo and you are ready to generate a flight plan. Please note that charter calculations are based on Great Circle distances, so add some extra time and fuel for all your detours, SIDs and STARs.

Flight Briefing

You reach the briefing room by clicking on your personal bookings ("my bookings") and selecting one of your booked flights. In case of a charter flight you will be directed to the charter briefing on selecting an aircraft.
In the briefing form you adjust or enter all variable data for the flight, like passengers, cargo, cruise level or estimated taxi time. Once that's done you can create your company flight plan.

Quick Weather Check

Enter a four-letter ICAO code to display METAR/TAF for that airport.
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