Welcome to Air Child VA!

Based in Cologne, Germany, Air Child is a virtual airline for flight simulator pilots from all over the world. By joining us you will not only find a great community of flight simulation enthusiasts who share the same passion, you will also help children of the world to have a better life. With every flight you report to Air Child VA, UNICEF will receive money from our sponsoring partners through the Air Child Charity Program. Air Child VA is a non-profit organization run by flightsimmers for flightsimmers.

Newest Pilots
Richard R

Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

3 days ago
Simon P

Charles de Gaulle International Airport

2 weeks ago
Jan Arne L

Cologne Bonn Airport

3 weeks ago
Erik S

San Francisco International Airport

1 month ago
Recent Reports
CH969/C.PF BGSF CYYT D-AARH (A20N) 1 hour ago
CH1188/C.PF EDDW LOWI D-ABLP (B737) 2 hours ago
CH2051/C.PF OMDB OIIE D-ABSC (B738) 2 hours ago
CH16/C.PF LGSM LGAV D-CBKC (B190) 3 hours ago
CH89/C.PF SCFM SCNT D-FBFR (BN2P) 11 hours ago
Leader Board (Pilots)
Leader Board (Pilots)
Airlines 1
Pilots 97
Subfleets 54
Aircraft 367
Flights 3222
Pireps (Accepted) 3465
Total Passengers 486,361
Avg. Passengers 115
Total Freight 17,982,730 kg
Avg. Freight 66,603 kg
Total Block Time 9916h 15m
Avg. Block Time 2h 51m
Total Fuel Burn 32,207,078 kg
Avg. Fuel Burn 9,298 kg
Avg. Fuel Burn/Hour 3,248 kg
Total Distance 3,213,665 nmi
Avg. Distance 927 nmi
Avg. Distance/Hour 324 nmi
Avg. Landing Rate 287 ft/min
Avg. Score 98