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The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 11:21
by Jesco Freund
Dear fellow pilots,

With Anders stepping out, I'm the only active pilot remaining in the group. To be transparent about the status of the group itself:
  • 95 flights performed since foundation of the group (back in Nov 2016), thereof 44 by Anders, 49 by me and two by others
  • Our bank & cash balance sum up to $55,000 (for comparison: purchasing a Cessna 172 costs around $130,000)
  • The group has 6 members (including Anders and me)
  • The group does not own any aircrafts or FBO assets.
  • Trend: Our peak month was Jan 17 with 52 flights performed. Feb saw 10 flights, Mar 6 and April 17. In May we saw 2 flights so far.
With those figures and trends in mind, I see need to heavily question whether to carry on with FSE, or give up our engagement there. Not having seen a single response (at least no public one) from anyone to Anders' question about succeeding him as group leader, I give this question back to you as a community:

Is FSE still relevant for Air-Child, or should we dump it?

Since I can't create a survey in this board, please take a second and reply. Next weekend I will evaluate the answers, and a decision will be taken.

Blue skies,

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 1:13
by Barthe Hogenboom
The first question that sprang to my mind: what's the downside of just keeping the group? Does it get deleted after some time? Does FSE delete a group that doesn't produce the news Anders was talking about? Sorry, I studied a bit on the FSE Wiki and I'm still interested in it but I move slowly and I skipped the group management part. (So many things to do, you know 8-) )

Do they only need a name for the group leader or is there more to it? If I understand it correctly, Christopher wants to keep our VA alive on the most common networks.

(I was intending to answer Anders but still thinking about a good answer).

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 20:37
by Anders Kvamme Stemland
Well. The group can remain there but it's not so attractive to fly in a inactive group.
But group is not being deleted so in case we decide to close it I can have the group name there for future if we want to keep it there then.

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 21:52
by Anders Kvamme Stemland
I see it's activity in the group.

Will await and see (maybe i do some flights myself as well) bonus will be paid to the activest pilots ;-)