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Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 18:42
by Ricardo Rementería Troncoso
It's really quiet here...
Some news...

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There are two pilots from ACH in FSE, ACH1793 Marcelo Castellano from Argentina and my self. Marcelo is busy with a FBO's network in Chiloé and I am building my network in the Araucanía. We have some aircrafts, 2 C-172 Skyhawk's, 2 DCH6-300 Twin Otter's and a Beechcraft Baron 58. They can be used gratis by the ACH-pilots.
For the second Twin Otter I must make a new livery, because of the registration number.
Here it is:
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I know the most of the ACH-pilots prefer to fly with big tubes and long flights.
But if you like just fly, wonder the landscapes, fly between the mountains, over lakes and rivers... well... join us...

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 14:40
by Ricardo Rementería Troncoso
I am flying much more with FSE than with ACH.
I see no other ACH-pilots flying there.
No reactions or comments about ACH-FSE here.

The conclusion is simple: Who wants to take the job over as "owner" of the Air-Child group at FSE?
If nobody wants to do it, I'll close/delete the group at FSE at 15 october 2019.

I've created another group at FSE, "Cono Sur", open for everyone.
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See you there..., maybe...

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:30
by Ricardo Rementería Troncoso
Some precisions about the aircrafts used in FSE (at this moment). The most aircrafts are GA's, but... the pilots can also use some airliners.

As example I share the specs of some no-GA-birds used in FSE:
Boeing 737-800: ... KK39vMYQRs
Boeing 747-400: ... mVGxBQSFDF
Boeing 727/100-200: ... inYX4lz1W0
Airbus A320: ... IamecvwlEX
Airbus A321: ... bYUOKdNjYV

I love to kill prejudices...

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:12
by Ricardo Rementería Troncoso
De group "Air Child" at FSE is deleted.

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 19:34
by Jesco Freund
I finally managed to set up a jet-friendly route in FSEconomy. I could seize the FBOs at Aalborg (EKYT) and Svalbard (ENSB). Both are at a distance of approx. 1,300 NM, so it's a great 4 hours flight in a E135 or similar (in FSE I only own a Legacy 600, the ERJs are too expensive).

If you want to give it a try, let me know (you can also contact me over at FSE, my handle there is "daemotron").

Re: The Future of ACH and FSE

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 15:01
by Matthias Hoffmann
Have read all in this topic and will read more about it in the next days. I never heard about FSE before, but from this topic I think it's interesting. If I understood it correctly it's a virtual environment for Flight Simulators? Something like this I thought about to found very often, but I don't have the needed knowledge for that, and so I decided to keep this idea in mind for later. The better is it that something like this already exists, so I don't need to think about creating such a thing and just need to think about joining it.

Has someone hints for me to start? Maybe Links to useful forum topics (about FSE, how it works, how to join, etc.)?