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FSE Estimation Tool


Post by Jesco Freund » Sun Jan 29, 2017 18:22

Hi all,

I put together a simple Excel workbook, helping to estimate earnings for a flight performed in FSE under the Air Child VA group.

A new version has just been pushed to the server (v1.2); you can grab a copy here:
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w51f8k1m9j8s ... UcB3a?dl=0
(just navigate to the "Tools" folder).

Working with the file should be self-explanatory (if not, there's a comprehensive README section inside). The workbook works without macros, it's just formulas and formatting => no need to be afraid of evil stuff lurking inside ;)

Some small things to note:
  1. The ICAO code of airports might be different to the one used in FSE; I sticked with the codes used on the ACH website (only applies for airports in the US having a 3-digit ICAO code in FSE, such as "01U" - these would need to be prefixed with a "K", so the example one would read "K01U" in my tool - and it's not existing in ACH :'( ).
  2. The tool currently does not handle multi-hop routes. For the time being I put this aside as the ACH web interface does not support that very well (each flight has to be booked in the dispatch centre after completion of the previous flight as the aircraft is otherwise blocked). If ACH will support planning charter flights based on a rotation scheme (i. e. allowing to plan multiple legs with the same aircraft) one day, this feature would for sure be added.
I will publish any future updates here in this thread.
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