183 charter planes are operative
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Flight ACH7187, flying from EDDK to LLBG, ETD 15:33, ETA 20:20, PIC: ACH0087
Flight ACH7173, flying from LDZA to LGAV, ETD 09:36, ETA 11:45, PIC: ACH2134
Flight ACH7182, flying from PGUM to RJAA, ETD 19:27, ETA 23:20, PIC: ACH0761
Flight ACH7181, flying from KSJC to CYYJ, ETD 17:28, ETA 19:54, PIC: ACH0969
Flight ACH7184, flying from LGAV to EGJB, ETD 01:35, ETA 05:35, PIC: ACH1356