VA? What is a VA?

If you have found this website you probably already know what a virtual airline is and for what purpose VA's exist. If you don't, then here's a good place to start.

Business as usual

On a more detailed note, virtual airlines, like Air-Child, offer flight simulator pilots a community, along with a near professional environment, to simulate operations of a real airline. Starting with the booking of pre-planned flights on a regular schedule through a complete flight briefing with fuel and weight calculations, as well as weather forecasts, up to the logging of your flights through different reporting systems that plug into your simulator software. Air-Child VA helps you keep track of all of your flights, collect hours, miles and points and build your pilot career from a Flight Student to a Senior Captain. Apart from this, Air-Child will offer you files and documents to increase your flying experience, support for online flying, regular online events and, most of all, a lot of fellow pilots ready to help or share their own flight experiences with you.

Air-Child? Never heard of it

Unlike many other virtual airlines, Air-Child has no counterpart in the real world of aviation. It's purely fictional but the name already suggests it's got something to do with children. Our slogan "fly for children" is meant to show what this project is all about: helping children. How is that possible with a purely virtual organization? Here is where the real world comes into play. Air-Child VA offers a sponsoring program to support the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF. Our sponsoring partners will transfer money to UNICEF for every single flight that is completed and reported by Air-Child pilots. This way our pilots will constantly contribute to helping children all over the world.
We will hold special Online Events at our hubs, where Air-Child or its sponsors will pay money for every flight that will be flown in a given time. This way even pilots who do not belong to Air-Child VA will have the chance to support UNICEF by flight simulation.

All over the World

Air-Child is an international VA. We have hubs all over the world and pilots from many different countries. Therefore all communication on the website and in the forums will be in English.
In our Dispatch Centre we are providing more than two thousand scheduled short, middle and long range flights worldwide. You can even start a charter flight where you select the aircraft, origin and destination of your choice. Head over to the Flight Briefing and have a detailed company flight plan, fuel planning and weights breakdown computed, based on your aircraft type, payload, cruise altitude, flight route etc. Print your plan and download files for FSX, FS2004 or X-Plane. Fancy a network flight? With just a click you can file the plan over to your online network.

Make it your airline

Speaking of "philosophy", Air-Child holds a very simple view: Flight Simulation is a hobby! That's why it is most important that you, the pilots, have fun. You are the ones who will bring Air-Child to life. So tell us what you like or dislike. Make use of the forum. We have always an open ear for your suggestions and will try to fulfil your wishes. Help us to make Air-Child YOUR virtual airline!

Our members for UNICEF
Joao P Bicho
Marta & Rafal Zielinski
Phil Le Bouteiller
Kristoffer Aspén
Andreas Heusner
Jennifer & Chris Bennett
Anders Kvamme
Georg Suchanek
Jürgen Lauteren
Daniel Novotny
Anne & Norbert Woeller